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KC Neighbourhood Plan - Shape The Future

Kings Cliffe Neighbourhood PlanA Neighbourhood plan provides the opportunity for local people to set out a positive vision for how they want to shape their community. They can decide on planning policies that will help deliver that vision or grant planning permission for the development they want to see.

It will bring together residents, businesses, local groups and landowners to share ideas and build consensus about what the village needs.

A Neighbourhood Plan will be subject to examination and referendum and then form part of the Local Development Plan. This legal status gives the Neighbourhood Plan far more weight than some other local planning documents, such as village plans, community plans and village design statements.

Get involved, tell them what you want to see in your community and help shape the future of Kings Cliffe.

Visit the dedicated website at Kings Cliffe Plan

Super-Fast Broadband

Gigaclear - High Speed InternetThe campaign to bring super-fast broadband to Kings Cliffe and Apethorpe has been successful. Gigaclear, the company behind this venture, have already begun installation of the fibre cabling required to service the communities, with their apologies in advance for the disruption this will cause in the short term.

Congratulations to all those who campaigned for this, and to those of you that signed up early; we've managed to reach the target figure quicker than any other Gigaclear program to date! We should see real benefit for both Kings Cliffe and Apethorpe, with ultra-high speed broadband offering a minimum speed of 50Mbs, with options up to 1000Mbs, compared to the current average of 3-5Mbs.

There are some streets where we still need a few more to sign-up, so if you're one of those hesitating now's the time. Pricing is very competitive with other providers, but of course Gigaclear offers much faster access, not only downloading data, but for uploading too.

Why do we need this?

  • Future-proof the community, making sure that local internet doesn't slow down as our community expands.
  • Help local small businesses and home workers to be more effective and potentially encourage some new businesses into the community too.
  • Provides a positive reason to move to the village, rather than to leave it.
  • Oh, you can play games and watch movies too!
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